Woodusurf is collection of some of the best timber surf boards from around the world.

Why Woodusurf?

Choosing a surfboard is more than just selecting equipment; it is about aligning with a philosophy, a way of life. So, why opt for Woodusurf in your quest for the perfect wave?

Harmony with Nature: Wooden surfboards represent a seamless fusion of land and sea. With every board from Woodusurf, you are not just embracing the ocean's waves but doing so in a manner that celebrates and respects Mother Earth.

Global Craftsmanship: Our platform is a gathering of artistry from around the world. Each wooden surfboard is a masterpiece, handcrafted by skilled artisans who understand the delicate balance between form, function, and the environment.

Eco-Conscious Choice: In an era where sustainability is paramount, wooden surfboards offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional boards. By choosing Woodusurf, you're making a statement about your commitment to the planet and sustainable surfing.

Diverse Collection: From beginner boards to pro designs, our range caters to every surfer. Beyond boards, our curated collection extends to other wooden surf essentials, ensuring a holistic wooden surfing experience.

Experience and Passion: Woodusurf is not just a platform; it is a reflection of our passion for surfing and sustainable choices. With every product showcased, we aim to bring surfers closer to nature, ensuring a surfing experience that's authentic, eco-friendly, and unparalleled.