Woodusurf is collection of some of the best timber surf boards from around the world.

About Woodusurf and Wooduchoose.

Woodusurf embodies the soulful connection between the surfer, the waves, and nature. Founded with a vision to accentuate this bond, our platform stands as a testament to the sheer elegance and eco-consciousness of wooden surfboards. As surfers and nature enthusiasts ourselves, we understood the desire to seek a surfing experience that's not only thrilling but also sustainable.

Our journey led us across shores and through forests, discovering artisans and craftspeople who share our vision. Each wooden surfboard and related product showcased on Woodusurf is a result of this exploration. They represent diverse cultures, traditions, and design philosophies, but they all resonate with one core principle: harmony with nature.

At Woodusurf, we believe that surfing is more profound when complemented with eco-friendly choices. By curating a collection of wooden surfboards and accessories, we hope to pave the way for a more sustainable and authentic surfing culture. Join us in this wave of change, and let's ride towards a greener future together.